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No disco dancing, no movie show?

Remeember that song? - who was that anyway?


The song is by Cat Stevens. I knew it well the first time around.


I'm dressed down and no place to go. Sigh.


Both of you dudes are home with significant others. I'm not always sure I want to "BE" anywhere, but I always imagine "BEING THERE" with someone.

Whoa, catch me, I just got washed by a big wave. I'm beginning to think I want the tropical beach more than I want the other, if you know what I mean.

Mr. Piggy

French wine is not a favourite of mine either. I do quite like Romanian wine though. There are some luscious reds from the Murfatlar region.

Like you, I expect friends to be friends until the day I retire to that big sty in the sky.


I'm still confused - The song was written by Sam Cooke long before disco. Did Cat Stevens do a cover with the disco reference?

Mustang Bobby

Cat Stevens did a sort of reggae (?) style version of "Another Saturday Night." Definitely not disco.


I treat all wines like alcohol, does that make me a redneck?

Don't answer that!

I hope you had fun!

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