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Yer probably right about Neateye, but it's a great sentiment, especially after yesterday's posts, so, Gouranga, Houston!

Pandu das

I just love this. "Neateye" is an English approximation of Nitai, a nickname of Lord Nityananda, the first expansion of the Supreme Personality of Godhead (Gauranga). Nityananda is another name of the Lord, and means "eternal bliss." Nitai is His nickname. It's the sincere belief of the Hare Krishnas (backed by a library of scriptures) that calling on the names of the Lord is the genuine method for awakening our love of God. The Lord's names are all so powerful that even accidently contacting them or making fun of them automatically purifies our desires and eventually makes eligable to see the Lord face to face. I personally joined the Hare Krishna movement after that promise proved true for me.

Just as everyone feels some hapiness when hearing their own name, God also feels that pleasure, except that His names are the very reservoir of all hapiness. Our motives are to cause the Lord's names to vibrate in everyone's hearts, and thereby plant the seed of love of God indiscriminantly.


Thank you so very much, Pandu das, for that wonderful explanation of what was being given to me. I was being blessed by someone, even anonymously. Let my voice join the choir in calling out, Gouranga! Be happy!


Heh, I found your post by googling the person who sent me the same e-mail. Any leads on what's up with this "neateye"? very odd indeed!

Russell Wall

I got a similar email that used the word "Sploodal." Google only links to t-shirts.

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