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I wouldn't call it shit so much as denigrated excretion. An it's not eatin it so much as mouthin it a little. And if swallowing should happen to occur, well. I don't know why our opponents have to play the nasty game and say we eat shit. Maybe they eat shit and are afraid to admit it. What else are the Democrats afraid of? How can we have a discussion about how much Democrats eat shit with people who are so divorced from reality?


I think they mainline shit.


I'm just askin', that's all. Inquiring minds want to know.


"He's a Republican enabler."
That's what these people don't get. As long as they vote for these hypocrits and idiots they are as guilty as the idiots themselves. Maybe even more so. Because without the votes and support of millions these idiots would have no recourse but to crawl back under the rock from whence they came. I'm sick of hearing I don't agree with all of their policies. If you vote for them you are giving them carte blanche to do as they please, you damned well better believe in ALL their policies.


Exactement, cheri, exactement.


It's all about shit sometimes isn't it? (grin)


The worst part about the Republicans eating shit is that they want everyone else to buy into their shit and eat it as well.....All I have to say is that I am glad I live in California (the birthmark of the blue state coalition) where atleast, we have more than shit to eat compared to those red republican states!


You have some people who are just full of shit, don't you?

Mind Dump


Robert Smith

The publicans are the Jonestown guards, they don't eat shit, they make the shit though, and FORCE everyone to eat it. Just like the Jonestown gaurds did. We have lost our democratic republic to the ignorance of a bunch of nascar and nfl apathetic idiots. Wake Up America, they is little time to recover, if it is even possible!!

mr fabulous

The only shit eaters are those idiotic morons who vote dumbocrat and should be shot for treason. They are stupidest farkwads in the histroy of mankind, far worse than those who supported Hitler and Stalin. Period. Disagree? Okay, I will accept that you are of very limited intelligence. Go feed Hillary some more shit, and such some for yourself at the same time.


mr fabulous sounds bitter and disaffected now, doesn't he? Let's see if we can figure out his demographic. He's (1) white, (2) has a high school degree, maybe a year of college, maybe less, (3) he's been divorced at least once, probably twice, maybe as many as three times, (4) he has a job, but no career, (5) probably no health care, (6) dislikes Blacks, (7) really dislikes Mexicans, (8) etc.

I could go on, but it's like picking low-hanging fruit. Thanks for stopping by, bud. Good luck. You're going to need it.


I think Republicans in general are small minded and forget that Jesus preached a message of love and forgiveness. Not rigid rules and fear.


republicans eat shit.

fragile industries

Yes they do, except for corporate CEO's who are eating shit foie gras with the bailout money.

The Truth

Actually, it's the Democrats who eat shit. Now that we've got that straight, what other issues would you like me to straighten you liberal fucktards about?


Yea, Repubs don't eat shit, them thar Repubs take good care of me an' my sister, uh, I mean my wife. We ain't got no job, ain't got no health care, my brother almost died in I-raq,and I can't afford to buy gas enough to even start my car. But at least I know them tha funny folk cain't git married, and the done killed that Say -Damn - Who -Sane feller what did 911...

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