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Terrifying isn't it. No wonder people home school. I used to think that it was all nutty people, but I would jerk my kid, if I had one, right out of that hell hole. I would also sue for assault/battery and anything else I could think of. Perhaps those who hit the child should be struck just like the child.

Many school districts will not whup kids because of litigation.

Let's be thankful on Thursday that I did not drive to Cleveland and whup some principal's ass.

another gay dad

Isn't that part of the "No Student Left Behind" program?


I don't agree with school officials being able to paddle (or spank) children and the main reason I don't is because they don't love them. There is a difference in punishing a child with and without love.

Happy Thanksgiving Houston!!!


It sounds like the person spanking the child has some anger issues and should NOT be working at a school.


Even in South Africa, which is a third world country, schools are not allowed to punish children physically. No corporal punishment.


Houston, are you jealous because you want a spanking?

texas girl

I'm from texas (san antonio) and if i ever saw something like that, i'd be on them within a second. i have never heard that before(being allowed to spank/paddle) and if i did, i knnow about 300 people ready to petition within 5 minutes.

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