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You are so preaching to the choir.


Al Qaeda? Bush has that under control as we fight the war on terrorism! *rolls eyes*

(that's a joke. mind you.)


I guess I take these things more seriously than I should. Maybe it's because I know full well that O'Reilly is not a fool, he's not stuipd, and he is on occassion right on the money. As much as I dislike him, I have on occassion also had grudging respect for him.
I also know that despite how much we'd like to deny it, the man does weild a certain amount of power. Especially over the minds of the people who watch his show. There lies the real problem. 98% of his viewer are active voters. Very few talk show hosts can stake that claim. So when o'Reilly says something so outragous, then it concerns be. Because he does have influence.
I think he too realizes that he was over the line. I noticed he took time revisit the issue and to 'rephrase' his comments.
Never underestimate the power of those who have access to the minds and emotions of others. To do so enpowers them, and leaves you vulnerable.


Like that last remark--I've heard it thus: "I wouldn't piss on you if you fell off the earthin a ball of flames."

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