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Outstanding commentary, just scintillating! I loved every sentence. Especially this one:

"There was a failure of imagination, alright. We failed to imagine how dangerous Bush could be."

So true, true, true!!


Bravo, bravo!


I have no use for the lyin bastard, but actually I feel much the same way about all those politicing asses. Great post Houston!


I LOVE THIS!! Houston you are the man. I would vote for you in a New York minute! At least, if you are lying to me, it sounds honest.

Sweet N Sassy

So true very true. I am new to your blog and found it by a recommendation of Linda at auterrific. I very much enjoyed my visit and have linked your sight so I can return often.


AMEN. AMEN. AMEN! Excellent!


check this out:


Spot on old man. I liked the analogy of the Titanic best of all. If Kerry doesn't have a solid platform I may write you in come November.

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