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Hello Houston!!
And what does Beauregard make of all this?? Get goggles, 'cause the fur is gonna fly...
You know, I have Minxie, but I too had a dog I adored. His name was Pokey, and he was the coolest little bad-tempered Machiavellian Llhasa Apso. When I left Brazil for France, my mother informed me that he waited for me by the door daily- until I went home on vacation. First he was thrilled to see me and then he bit my nose...


You have my bawlin all over myself, Houston. It's been over four years since I lost my chow chow Jinx to liver cancer, and I still can't write about her. Just hurts too much.

Falstaff sounds like a once in a lifetime doggie.


Linda WERE really inspired to talk about dogs, weren't you. I can see it now.


If my mother in law was in Houston, you'd know her by name with a poodle rescue. She has 3 at home and wants more.

What a lovely story about Falstaff. Hard to believe what lengths they'll go through to find you. I know someone who doesn't believe that dogs, or any other animals have the capacity for love. He's a very lonely guy, as you can imagine. There's just no way I can look into my Loki's eyes and see anything BUT love. Same thing with Falstaff running into your arms. Though, I bet the hostess was none too pleased.

I sure am giving my readers a run for their money this week on the whole dog thing. Hopefully, the drama has ended!


totally get rid of Beauregard and make a poodle & pig farm. well, maybe Beauregard would like the poodles & pigs.

reading about Red brought back a lot of memories of my best friend growing up...very cool


Ahhhh he sounds like he was the perfect buddy.


The husband and I were discussing our need to get out of the swamp aka Houston last night and I said I needed some land for a Boston Terrier & Kitty Cat farm.

Tomorrow is the busiest day at animal shelters because the fireworks scare doggies and they run away. I despise fireworks. Zelda, one of our Bostons gets very, very upset. We have doggie valium for her.


Poodle & Pig Ponderosa! Love it!

We name our dogs after country singers since we really can't take the music, and our first collie/shepard mix (beautiful longed haired black dog) Reba was smarter than smart, too. Alas,she is gone, but now we have Dolly, Tammy, and Hank.

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