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Sweet prose Houston. Thanks, that must have been a lot of work keying it all in on a handheld.


Wow....just wow....


That was beautiful. A brilliant tie of ideas and interplay.

As far as durian goes, I think people from that part of the world spend their lives building up a tolerance to the taste of it so they can laugh at tourists trying it and choking the vomit back afterwards.


Persimmons.............a fruit of my childhood.............we lived in a house (east San Jose, when ''east" was still
ok) and it had a large persimmon tree--it became my Dad's favorite fruit......he used to cut the
top off, forming its own cup, and eat it with a spoon-----people unfamiliar with a persimmon, he would try and taslk into eat one that was not quite ripe!! Pucker up!


I'm in Bellingham, Washington sitting in a Starbucks cafe, trying to type on my Sony Vaio, hands cramping from using such a small keyboard.

Funny, I re-reading Heinlein's "Friday", and Bellingham pops up a few times in the story. Wow, simpatico! Er somethin'.


Jeebus, I wish I could speaka de English.


How beautiful!

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