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Have a great trip and enjoy the dance :)


Aw, Houston, enjoy the dance! What a wonderful entry. They really are brilliant, aren't they? Just magically breathtaking and invigorating. We're lucky enough to get them here in Calgary but not nearly as bright and clear as what you'll hopefully see.

Have a great time!


Dance-man. Got your card/tunes. You are my brother and it makes my heart stop in my throat that you call me sister.

Much love and don't dance naked unless you must and you are not in danger of frostbite.



How I envy you! I lived in Alaska in the mid 80's and it was wonderfully amazing. I do remember those glorious northern lights. I don't know that I could endure the cold anymore, but I'd love to visit again someday. Maybe all the old hippies have turned to religion, who knows? It's all good, right?
Have a great time and keep us posted with pictures and witty comentary.


Have a glorious time and be sure to take loads of photos. That sure is a handsome photo of you on the left up there!! (swooning)

Vickie aka Sweet n Sassy

I hope as I am writing this you are dancing my friend. I always smile when I am here and know I have found someone very special in you and of course to know you feel the same brings tears to my eyes for that is love you are my brother and to know you call me sister says it all. Be safe, party hard, enjoy it all.


I hope you took a sock to keep warm with!

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