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Mr. Piggy

Awww, Houston.

That man you seek is *sure* to appear, as they say, when you least expect it.

Just like my Tazzy, when he popped into my life and waved his 'magic wand' at me.



When you no longer think love is coming your way it will...I mean "that kind of LOVE " so be patient dear one.


I'm just a bitter, old, married woman, what do I know about love?

Bob The Architect

A Testimonial For Potential Husbands:
Houston has indeed provided much needed icing in my life- "life is a buffet- and most poor suckers are starving", -that always comes to mind as we discuss the evening's plot lines, soaring solos, or the dreadful dress on that poor woman in 3B.
A buffet indeed. I have seen more live theater and classical music in the last 4 months with Houston than in the last 4 years. Houston is indeed a treasure, so only the most frosted of cakes should apply.


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