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Oh man, I am going to check that sight out. I detest cruelty to animals. Almost more than to humans. At least humans can talk. They can tell someone about the abuse. Poor animals have no hope if someone doesn't notice and rescue them. They love unconditionally and don't understand why someone they love would treat them so badly. It makes me want to cry.


Oh Houston!! Thank you so much for sharing that story of "Fly". I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. Thank God for those wonderful people.


Thank Mark for that one. I have that anti-bully gene that reacts to situations of cruelty to animals with the same degree of intensity that it reacts to bullies. Kudos to those women and men who are willing to risk so much because of an absolute conviction.

This is animal rights activism which I favor and support, says the guy wearing the fur coat last Winter's Solstice.


In spite of my never mentioning this topic on my blog, it's something that I'm always thinking about. I haven't read the story you've linked yet but I applaud anyone who speaks for the voiceless and interjects for the helpless.


I will head over there now to read it...Thank you!

Mr. Piggy

Hmm. I'm an animal lover too and found this story quite touching. But....

As someone commented over there, why didn't they just offer to buy the dog from the owner????

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