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Ugh, I hate that; it's horrid.

Tallulah Givehead


D. Dagger

Houston you bastard! This whole time I thought I was the snarkiest blog on your blogroll. Fuck! I guess I'll haveta' settle for being the most insanely hilarious.

Note to self: be more snarky.
2nd note to self: Look up the word snarky.


err, well, umm... I don't like cats, no offence to B., but this is going just a little to far me thinks.


Are you serious? Surely not.
Just when I think mankind cannot get any more depraved or disgusting. Anyone who would do such a thing should be horse whipped then rolled in a vat of bleach and saltwater.

The Editors

The Editors would like to assure everyone that no kittens were harmed in this exercise.


D'Wayne, our kittie, named for all felons in Texas who seem to be named "D'Wayne" "Wayne" "Lee" "Eugene" or "Ray" is orange. He is mellow so huffing him is not dangerous, just habbit-forming.

Professional Responsibility Exam tomorrow. May I never have to take another law school/licensing exam again. Burn candles, pet kitties.

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