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Interesting you should post that quote the same day I found out that this nutcase is coming to visit our church this Sunday on Father's Day.

My only hope is that nobody notices he's there.


How exciting for you, Kathy! I think it's a good thing for Catholics to find out what the religious fanatics really think of them.

Missouri Mule

"Time to Mess With Texas," I love it!


It literally makes me sick to my stomach when I think of some of the horrendous laws that have been purposed, passed, and enacted since the religious right wingnuts hijacked our country. The damage is no less than that done by those 19 hijackers on Sept 11th. In fact it may be worse. At least those hijackers died along side their victims. The hijackers that are stealing our country live on to continue their path of destruction.
One line in that piece struck me as being prophetic..." that blacks and women have equal rights, you turn your hatred to homosexuals, and you still use your misguided reading of the Bible to justify your hatred." What a good many people don't realize is, at the very root of this move to deny gays their equal rights, is the desire to repeal the rights of women and of minorities. Mark my words, if allowed to continue, we will see just how far these hijackers are willing to go.


Wanda, I do believe you have coined the most useful word todate to describe the religious zealots who would wreck havoc with our Constitution: Hijackers. Christian Hijackers, even though that's unfair to real Christians.

Tazzy and Piggy

I've gone off all religion. Which is a bit of a shame really, as some religions actually preach and try to instil some rather wonderful things. In fact they ALL have some wonderful things to say.

Sadly, those certain 'members', for want of a better word, who twist those wonderful things by creating division (through careful re-interpretation and brainwashing) have tainted my view of all organised religion forever.

I've become, in my increasing years, more and more agnostic. I believe in *something or someone*, but know not what that belief is - maybe that's my own personal little insurance policy in my head.

But isn't the thought that *this* is all it is, when this life is over, that's it - Finito - Just too awful to comprehend? Well, it is for me.

I want to come back again. After floating around on a cloud for a while, eating strawberries and cream. Now where did I put that harp?

Oh and by the way - we have a new blog home - (just in case you'd noticed the old one had disappeared).


Many times, I give thanks (to whoever listens to the thanks) that I don't live in Texas.


Christo-fascists. I like that word best.


Oh, yeah and I find the dress model figure oddly erotic. Mmmmmmm


My stylist, Gary Dame, found it on the sidewalk over by where he lives in the Castro. I had been looking for a mannequin when he called and said he had me an "almost mannequin." I liked it. It has a Escheresque look and feel to it.

Piggy and Tazzy


Do you mean when you walk around it, you arrive back at the front?



I love mannequins. I find them amusing. We found one once in a classroom during a high school debate tournament. We sat him in a wheelchair, in his pajamas, put a New York Times in his hands and a drink and faced him toward the window to get some light.

May be it is a control issue. They are helpless in our hands.

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