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I have major lust for a Bosch stove/oven drop in and dishwasher and I may purchase this summer. May be post bar and new job.

I am just thrilled my husband-bear purchased an ice crusher.


" I don't think you have to become boring just because you're older. I'm not ever going to become boring."

Of this I am positive, my friend.
Good luck on your kitchen remodeling. Good times and good fun on your trip.
I've heard that Oprah said , 50 is the new 30 so why can't 58 be the new 40? Works for me.
As for Tom & Katie, well, I adore Katie. Have ever since Dawson's Creek. Can't stand the Tomster, but I wish them nothing but happiness. Why not? There's way too much misery in the world as it is. If they make each other happy then more power to them
Now, regarding Michael and his celebrating with the jurors who gave him carte blanche to molest and abuse as many children as he likes, well no big surprise. Who knows they were probably all paid well for their work. We live in a sick world.


Good Golly, Houston, you are busy! Sounds like the kitchen is coming along just fine. The Canada Cowboy & Indian trip is coming up, and your birthday, too.

Houston, I doubt you will ever be boring. It sounds like you are having too much fun.

As far as Tom and Katie... well, No, I don't think he would marry her unless she signs the pre-nup. I'm sick of hearing and seeing him. He was never my favorite actor.

Piggy and Tazzy

Oprah was wrong, Wanda. 50 is the new 21.

58 is the new 18. We get 'younger' as our years progress, young lady.

And (I know I shouldn't start a sentence with 'and' before anyone screams)... we don't get more boring as we age. It all gets more exciting.

Just think of all that fun we have trying to remember where we left our teeth/spectacles/toupee's/colostomy bags - It'll just be like being 5 all over again!

Toodle pip!


Wow dude... you are busy. Make sure you make time for relaxing too.


Have a good trip to Canada and a very happy birthdy. It is good that you are so busy. I enjoy reading about it, especially since I can't be very busy now, due to this illness. I am keeping a list of all the things I want to do when I get better, then just watch me. Right now, I watch my friends busy lives. Enjoy every minute of it!!!


I found your blog when I googled Sincere Plumbing. I live in Oakland and am looking at a complete gut and remodel. May I ask what cabinets you ended up choosing? Were they also Kraftmaid? Any tips or referrals would be greatly appreciated.


Apparently if you're a scientologist and you want to have a home page, there's a certain way it's supposed to look:

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