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Oh, don't get me started on Dianne Fienstein, that Republican in Democrat's clothing. OK, hell, she even wears Republican clothing.


I'm so confused!

Vestal Vespa

There was a great rant on Dean on Rude Pundit a while back, about how Howard would kick anyone's ass who crossed him. It was over the top, of course, but dead-on. He's exactly the guy we need to start proving that liberals ARE an opposition party and that tolerance DOES NOT equal door-mat status.

Go Howie!!


Well first of all, unlike Mr-never-been-elected-to-shit-Cheney, Dean HAS been elected. Over and over. He was elected Lt Gov. of Vermont 3 times and as Gov a whopping 5 times! On top of that he was nominated and elected to be the chairman of the Democratic party. All of which Cheney has never even come close to doing. Dean has made his own career whereas Cheney rode into town first on Bush Sr.'s coattails and then on Bush Jr's. I'm guessing unless they can figure out some way to radically rig the voting machines you can bet Cheney's name won't go on the ballot for anything the repugs actually want to win.
As far as nobody loving Dean, well if Cheney would take a step out of that rich-ole-white-boys bubble he lives in, he'd see there are millions who love Dean.
Speaking of Cheney, is it rude or crued to wonder why if this man's had so many heart attacks why hasn't he like croaked already? If so, well, color me rude and crude.


Me, personally? I see Cheney as Darth Vader. I'm just saying, that's all.


Oh, yeah. I signed it this past weekend! Go Howard!

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