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Hmm... not sure if this is on-topic or not. Have you ever seen the movie (or read the book - I haven't, just saw the movie) At Play in the Fields of the Lord? It's all fictional, but it feels real - the director used indigenous rain forest inhabitants - and it concerns some missionaries meeting up with American mercenaries in the Amazon. You get the feeling these are real badlands, and not there isn't much in the way of law enforcement to appeal to. I strongly recommend it, Houston.


The only part that amazes me in this story is that they have someone on trial for the murder. What this sounds like to me is some fucker getting drunk and bragging about gunning the old bitch down, telling his drinking buddies about how he laughed at her as she held up her Bible like it might have some superstitious power over a Brazilian thug. I can actually hear her speaking the words, "my weapon is..." just as he guns her down.

Righteousness doesn't have the power to stop the bullet. It has power, lots of it, just not enough to stop a bullet.


Maybe 'weapon' was a bad choice of words.


Hmm, I could swear I already posted a comment on this post. Geez I must be loosing my marbles.
By the way I thought you might be interested in this...

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