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I love how you filed this under morality. I'm not more appalled by anything Bush does at this point. What DOES appall me is the people who are starting to defend him, particularly when he himself doesn't want to be defended. It's especially interesting to watch people who despise bipartisanism go this route as it's just like pouring wildlife refuge oil on a flame. Each passing day we become more divided despite the desire to be more united. It is going to take a miracle to undo what's been done by this administration. Say it with me...

"Na-tion-al De-fi-cit"


"Na-tion-al De-Fi-Cit!"

We can and should all say that together! It means your children and grandchildren may never achieve the lifestyle we presently enjoy because of these dishonest shysters who have hijacked our country.


"Did all Nazis hate Jews, or did the more virulent ones gain control?"

The National Socialist party in Germany had its start in violence and virulent anti-Semitism. That is what the party was founded on. Mein Kampf, the party's manifesto, was written long before 1939.

Did all Nazis hate the Jews? I would have to say yes, except for those who joined the Nazi party out of political and financial expediency (think Oskar Schindler). Only a very few turned that expediency to the advantage of saving lives.

As far as Linda and I's discussion re Bush, I think it needs be noted that at no time did I defend Bush. I merely pointed out that I am dismayed by the rest of the world seeming to want to negate 200+ years of American philanthropy in favor of excoriating us over one president and less than eight years of his stewardship.

I don't think this makes me a defender of Bush.

And btw, I only saw this post AFTER leaving a comment this morning at Linda's latest post asking if you want to bury the hatchet over the SRJC Republican deal. Offer still stands.


Scratch that, Houston. The offer is officially rescinded, and will never be proffered again.

Not really sure why I bothered in the first place. Have a nice life, I wish you well.

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