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I'm one who loves you, Houston. And I'll hold your hand on your roller coaster ride.

Thanks for the card; I loved it.


Sounds like a typical Christmas.


Sorry to hear about the misfortunes and dramas - you'll come through them though, you always do. Give my best to Huntley.


"for me to understand the source my pain each year: unmet expectations."

Houston sometimes your words will touch me so deeply I weep. Not in sadness but in solace, knowing that I am not alone. There is someone who knows, feels and understands the depths of my ache. I only wish I were close enough to snuggle up in your warm arms and feel the comfort of your compassion.
I love you.


Yep, and I luvs you too Houston. Good Evening ovah there young man!


I came here and found in your writing a comfort I have been searching for and had not found. I guess it was an acknowledgement that my feelings are okay for I so relate to what you said. I just want to curl up and wake up when the New Year is upon us and maybe with it will bring me a different attitude. I wonder if that is possible when Missy keeps reminding me of her place in my life? Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings. You are a special friend Houston.

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