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I'm so sad that Huntly's body is being assaulted by the Monster. You tell him that, whether he likes it or not, he's in my prayers.


I am so sorry to hear that you friend is ill... He sounds like a wonderful and very witty man.. much like you.

Hugz to you sweetcakes.


This is really a bummer.

My father had the radical surgery, removed the prostate, did not do chemo/radiation but did hormone therapy. He is now a 12 year survivor. I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on tv but I would not be happy with cancer in my body. It can spread indeed. Slowly, but why would anyone allow it to?

Second opinion time.


Some news article I read said that just belonging to a community that cares about you improves your prospects for recovering from illness; maybe that's a bit "new age" sounding, but what do you and I lose by believing in it? Tell Huntly I'm thinking good thoughts for him.


My dad was 79 when they discovered cancer in his prostate. Many felt that he should be treated like Huntly, given his age. Prostate cancer is slow-growing, there was a study done once that showed that something like 75% of men over the age of 80 had it and most wouldn't die from it.

After speaking with many people, my dad ended up having surgery with a really good surgeon at USC. Other doctors seemed to feel that the most feared consequences of surgery (impotence and incontinence) were almost a certainty with him, given his age.

He's a healthy man, and he surprised everyone. Apparently no detectable problems whatsoever, he got rid of the catheter after surgery quicker than most men 30 years younger than him.

After surgery, the doctor told him that in his case, the cancer was about to leave the capsule it was enclosed in, if he'd waited 6 months longer it would have spread to other parts of his body.

I wish Huntly the best, but after his experience I'm strongly prejudiced in favor of at least a serious consultation with a really good surgeon. My dad's surgeon was Lieskowski at USC.

I pray everything will work out for him.

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