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Then his friend went and had a heart attack today.
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Happy Valentine's Day, Houston. ("But we haven't eaten yet"--priceless.)


Some vice-president, huh.


Arrogance clouds common sense.

Lab Kat

I would be fine if the White House had made a statement as soon as it happened and Cheney had accepted responsibility. It would have been an unfortunate accident. However, the secrecy and shifting of blame to some poor guy in a hospital is beyond stupid. It's into uber-stupid.

I hope Cheney chokes on his own vomit. And, I mean that in the kindest way possible. :)


Nothing about this incident should surprise anyone. This is the most secretive administration, ever. Why would we expect anything less than complete denial from them? I'm sure Cheney was in his cups, I'm just sorry HE didn't have the heart attack and drop dead. What a waste of birdshot. The good news is the bird got away.


He "says" he had "a" beer at lunch. I think the sound bite, today, (where they asked the hospital administrator if a blood alcohol test was administered, closed the question and answer gig), was pretty amusing.


i honestly don't think he'd have even come out and apologized if it wasn't for all the public pressure. i sincerely think he believes he's above the law and shouldn't have to explain himself, ever. it's so infuriating. i swear i can't watch the news anymore. it makes me hate everybody.


I'm no fan of Cheney's by any stretch of the imagination, but I do see why he wasn't at the hospital, the security that would accompany a hospital visit by the vice president would majorly interrput the hospital's normal operations.

Assuming that Mr. Whittington makes it out of this OK, I'm kind of glad this happened. This is kind of a difficult time for me right for many reasons, but I can always turn on the radio, where every mention of Cheney's name is accompanied by loud gunfire and it totally cracks me up. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Now I can't wait for Saturday Night Live...


Oh gosh Kathy I hadn't even thought of SNL! This should be priceless.

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