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oh yeah, I gotta agree with these Olympics being boring. I've been trying to figure out this curling game. Is it like a big-ass shuffle board game or horseshoes without the shoes? I get so impatient waiting for someone to score and then they do and I don't know why.

Can you tell I've been bored?


I agree that the skating costumes have gotten butt-ugly. Some of the outfits worn by the pair dancers, especially, look more like something you'd see in a Vegas revue than anything. Bad enough the female ballroom dancers have to look like strippers, but now the figure skaters, too? One guy's belt came undone a short ways into the program - that buckle slappin him on the 'nards had to hurt...or maybe he liked it, I dunno. I DO know I'd be annoyed if I had to lift 100 pounds of skating partner into the air and get a faceful of ostrich feathers in return...even if I did outweigh her by 20 pounds.

Lab Kat

Figure skating and bad costume designs have always gone hand-in-hand. I'm just going to assume Nancy Armour is new to the sport and let it go. I mean, go back to Katrina Witt. God, that woman had on so much makeup, Tammy Faye Baker looked restrained in comparison. There's always someone with a lot of money, like Michelle Kwan, who can afford tasteful stuff done by good designers. Otherwise, it's flaring colors and weird textures.

Hey, that's figure skating, kittens.

Mustang Bobby

Bode Miller may be hot, but I suspect he's high-maintenance. Definitely not LTR material.


What you miss on TV, you can catch on their website.

Weir's swan costume, here and here.

And here's Bodie straddling the gate.

Desperate Housewives and 24 beat out the Olympics at our house.


I did not have an LTR in mind. Somewhere between an hour and a week-end ought to be enough.


Sounds like you feel about Bode the way I feel about Billy (Currenton). I do love that boys smile. And Bode's motto is just fine with me.



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