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i fear for this country, i truly do.

we are so ass backwards; our dignity and nobility have flown out the window in pursuit of politicians chasing votes and money and bulging post-term war chests.

these liars and scoundrels will never be impeached. why can't Americans march against this administration like the illegal immigrants marched today in Chicago? where are all the people who care about this country, about our ethics, about our dignity? WHAT IS HAPPENING?

shame, shame, shame.


Babe - I have no idea what you are talking about... being at the tip of Africa and all............ so just be happy with hugs and kisses and love to you!!!

Steve Bates

No responsibility, indeed. It is more obvious every day that the torture that happened at Abu Ghraib was an implementation of policy, and that policy was formed at the highest levels of our government. This fish is rotting from the very head.


I agree. If they had any honor, someone would be committing hara kiri even as we speak(and I don't mean Scooter Libby).


Houston, my friend, we are so far past the shame that is Abu Ghraib, it's almost like a footnote in the novel of our dessent into these post Constitutional times. What BushCo has done to our country is a shame that will take decades to repair. And that all depends on IF we ever get them out of power.

Lab Kat

Please. You think the ANY of the top brass is going to take blame for this. Why, it was a bunch of out-of-control soldiers, yes it was. Funny. I've never known anyone who has been or was in the military who didn't make a move without the okay from upstairs.

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