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You know, if Bush & Co. held themselves to high standards that showed that real democracy was worth defending even when fighting the enemies of democracy, by guaranteeing the rights of prisoners in Guantanamo, by holding Rummy and some brass accountable for Abu Ghraib, then I might see at least some hope in Iraq. A flegling democracy can only learn by example. He seems to have gone about it in a way that, while not guaranteeing failure (at least I hope not), sure makes achieving it that much harder.


There is no way our murderous, lying, graft-riddled presence in Iraq is going to make things any better for anyone (other than the recipients of that graft), in the short term or the long term.

We need to get out. Now. Period.


If I think anymore about these MFs I will have to up my meds.

Sad times, my friend.

Lab Kat

Remember Viet... oh, nevermind.


Call me the voice of dissent, but I think that it is too early to say whether Iraq is going to be successful or not.

We could have done everything perfectly and still been in a similar position.

Ideological change doesn't take place overnight.


We had no business going into Iraq, therefore any premise of success is based on a lie. Unless we begin on a level of truth, nothing but bad can come from the situation. We Americans believe ourselves to be a good people, but we are not. We're a selfish, brutal people. We could make Iraq right, but we would have to begin by acknowledging our mistakes. I don't see that happening with this administration, and no one in the world cares. We're tied up there and the rest of the world knows it. That's why we will continue to be fucked in and by Iraq until there's a regime change here.

Meanwhile, Iraq is Tar-Baby, and we are Brer Fox.

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