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And the same can be said for older queens! Twenty years ago, I would have run from a chubby chaser who found me desireable. Now I say, thank God for them and wrinkle wranglers.


Now, that's what I call a fine bit of writing. I'll share it with Mr. Andante, though I may have to lend him my reading glasses to read it.

Us older chicks have another attraction - we're usually pretty well insured. :)


Now and then I remember why Andy Rooney still has his job. Yet another attractive feature of older women: we've figured out that friendship lasts a lot longer than love. Thanks for being my friend.


I knew there was something I liked about that old curmudgeon.


Yes, Andy does have a pretty firm grip on reality. In more ways than one.
Gary is the man, isn't he? I keep discovering new songs of his. By the way, I'd recommend you go with Smoke Rings in The Dark for your next cd. I particularly like I'm The One. If I didn't know better I'd swear he wrote that one just for me!


for someone with a birthday next week, this was a nice read...


I'm just not sure about the bright red lipstick part, but all in all, a nice post.


Great post! I agree with most of it. What parts I don't agree with, I'll not share:)


Yeah. Pretty pithy. And kinda pathetic. A friend recently commented that an old man with his own teeth and a car is never without a date. Probably true given the demographics. The only answer for us aging gals is to consider the younger, more malleable man.


we've figured out that friendship lasts a lot longer than love


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