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fragile industries

You know it's really bad when in order to pay compliments, you must resort to the "misunderstood genius", "born in the wrong era", "visionary ahead of his time", etc. type of description. Anyone who is generally disliked and viewed as a boob and a fool wraps themselves in these mantles of pseudo-glory. It's sort of like Jerry Lewis saying, "But the French LOVE me," but worse. Especially when we're talking about the Leader Of The Free World.


Maybe Democrats indulge in that sort of blind, knee-jerk hagiograohy, but I think it's more frequent with republicans.

Until the day she died, my step-mother, a particularly blindered and rabid Republican, firmly maintained that Dan Quayle was actually a tragically misunderstood and unfairly abused intellectual giant of modern politics. I'm NOT making this up. She died between George Bush's first "election" and his taking office, but had she lived I am quite certain she would have defended him in terms very like those used by Mr. Hinderaker.

Bill in Portland Maine

Hey, thanks for the shoutout. I appreciate it. And how creepy is it that Hinderaker would likely say the same thing today?

Cheers! Bill

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