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yes, his entire mea culpa was very creative, wasn't it?

this is a shame; i did so love William Wallace. but EFF Mel.


Mel Gibson: What a putz.


my Daddy always told me that every time you point a finger at someone you have three more pointing back at you...there's no such thing as 'a little pregnant' and no such thing as 'a little anti semetic'...great post...smooches


He hoisted himself onto his own petard. I don't buy his apology.


A little OT. Houston, I just wanted you to see this in light of opinions given by Mad Zionist.


I continue to be amazed that Israelis do not recognize marriages performed by Conservative and Reform rabbis.

Most of the Israelis I know are religious but not extreme. What's extreme, you ask? Funny hats and coats don't make you extreme. Intolerance for others makes you extreme.


My marriage probably isn't recognized by many extreme Rabbis. My wife didn't convert. I think the guy who performed the wedding also married parrots before.
But we did have a Jewish ceremony and a traditional Jewish wedding....except it was on a boat.

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