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Rogues gallery? There isn't a gallery big enough to hold the media Hillary-haters alone, much less the lemmings.

THAT is my worst fear; four-to-eight years of taxpayer money wasted on continuous 'special investigators' and all the assorted screaming from the right.

As one old feller interviewed in Iowa said, men have been screwing it up for over 200 yrs. - time to give a woman a chance. A Hillary presidency would be satisfying on that level.

Certainly better than Condi. Or (gulp) Liddy.

But I don't care about gender or religion. I DO care about competence, integrity, intelligence, justice, and patience.

I don't see how Hillary could screw up worse than the present squatter in the White House, but I'm still not looking forward to the noise she would generate.

When and if the time comes, I will vote for her if she's my only Democratic choice. But I would have to hold my nose with one hand, wear ear plugs, and put duct tape over my mouth.


If she is chosen and runs I'll vote for her too cause I'm damned tired of these lying, thieving, 'publicans. I feel that she had a much larger influence in Bill's presidency
than folks give her credit for cause I truly don't give that man credit for having as much intelligence as she does.


The folks you list would like nothing more than a President they can attack daily. No doubt they will all secretly vote for her--true rogues!

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