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Great gosh a-mighty.

Virginia Gal

I will support Hilary if she wins the larger nomination because I still agree with a lot of her issues (more than I would agree with a Republican candidate) but my reason for disliking her is very specific - she was for Palestine and the rights of the Palestinian people until the pro-Israel lobby disparaged her, than suddenly she just forgot about her view. I was disappointed in her changing her mind, not for some solid reason but because some lobby forced her hand.

I know none of the candidates are without fault but that was a big disappointment to me. Plus I wish she would just admit that she made a mistake in voting for the war in Iraq, like Edwards did. I still love him, I read what you posted on Brenda's blog (which is why I bopped over her), I completely agree with you about the naysayers for Edwards and hope that maybe you will reconsider Edwards before your primary. I love his optimism, his empathy for the working poor and what I see as a general likabilty that would hopefully get him elected in the general election (vs. Hilary who is just much to much polarizing). Sorry for the long post.


I, too, support both Obama and Clinton. I am excited to see not-the-usual-presidential-candidates attract serious attention. Clinton does have some very questionable stances on things, but, like you, if the she becomes the nominee I will support her.


Back in the mid-nineties I was in Washington DC for an academic conference. I took the time to walk around the White House smoking a cigar. My intent was to protest that promises about health care had given us a war on Big Tobacco. The lawsuit against tobacco companies was not itself such a tragedy, but was the wrong priority in light of promises made. During the Clinton administration, more and more working Americans lived without health insurance. As far as I was concerned then, and nothing has changed my mind, the Clintons had failed to deliver on their most important promises.

The things Bill Clinton did with his Cubans had not yet been made public when I took my DC stroll. When it later became the obsession of the mainstream media to report such trivia, I canceled my Time subscription.

I have another six weeks before the primary in my state, and the Democratic nominee may be decided by then. I like Edwards (a true liberal, unlike the Clintons) and I like Obama (a middle of the road candidate with ethical convictions). I've been duped before--I campaigned for Reagan in 1980--and I might be duped again. But, I'm certain that some NO votes proceed from conviction. I'd like to see a woman I can vote for, but Hillary is not the one.

If Clinton gets the nomination, I'll only vote for her if Mike Huckabee is on the other side. Otherwise, it is Nader (or someone like him) again, as in 1996 and 2000 (when I caucused for Bill Bradley). Kerry earned my vote in 2004 because he demonstrated comprehension of international politics, even though he was a bit inconsistent.


I like Edwards, a lot. I also appreciate Kucinich. I don't think ABC or the MSM should be telling us who they consider to be viable as candidates. Their job is to report, not to limit our choices.

I would probably have voted for Clinton in New Hampshire just to keep her candidacy alive, if for no other reason than to annoy Chris Matthews, Maureen Dowd and Andrew Sullivan.

Come Feb. 5, I'm voting for Edwards unless it becomes necessary to vote strategically.


I'm still leaning towards Edwards. Am I swayed by so called injustices he's said to have performed as an Attorney? Nope, not one bit, for one thing, every story has 2 sides and perhaps he was doing his part, for pay of course:-), for the little guy who truly was injured. Someone's got to make folks accountable.

Until someone who's not swayed by special interest groups, who's not richer than the Queen of England, who HAS walked a mile in my shoes, runs for president in our country, I'll just continue to vote for who I feel will cause the least damage.


I reiterate, John Edwards is a good and honorable man. I'm sure there are many good reasons to vote for or against him, but I'm tired of the nasty email spams being circulated by some of our Republican cousins down South.

Most of those nasty rumors and emails are being spread by people who call themselves Christians. The next time you get one of those nasty emails, I suggest sending this link to everyone who has received it: ( It lists every prohibition against gossip in both the New and Old Testaments. That should shut them up, at lest for a little while.

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