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Appalling, isn't it? People, we same-sex loving people are not your enemy. You are your own worst enemy. You wrap yourself in ignorance in the name of your god and define love and marriage, not by the good of it, but by whom you would deny its joy. If there indeed is a god who sits in judgment, she's going to bitch slap you all the way to hell for your sin of hate.

Bastards. Does anyone know of an opposite-sex marriage anywhere in the world that has been harmed by two guys in Massachussetts getting married? Has marriage ceased to exist as we know it in Canada? How about one in Spain? Anywhere?

Really, my hate-filled fellow citizens in Oklahoma, you have bigger, more important things to worry about than homosexuals. How about your souls?


Times they are a'changin and I think denying these couples the right to be legally married is similiar to denying women, and blacks, the right to vote way back yonder. Laws change, so the courts need to stop dragging their feet and get on with it.

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