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I've been too busy these days to pay attention to AI or the rampant politicking (operation chaos seems an apt term somehow) but I did get the chance to watch the debates on April 16. There were a number of things that bothered me about that debate.

But then there it was, the reason that I will never, ever, ever vote for Obama, ever:

Gibson: in each instance, when the rate dropped, revenues from the tax increased. The government took in more money. And in the 1980s, when the tax was increased to 28 percent, the revenues went down. So why raise it at all, especially given the fact that 100 million people in this country own stock and would be affected?

Obama: Well, Charlie, what I've said is that I would look at raising the capital-gains tax for purposes of fairness. We saw an article today which showed that the top 50 hedge fund managers made $29 billion last year -- $29 billion for 50 individuals. And part of what has happened is that those who are able to work the stock market and amass huge fortunes on capital gains are paying a lower tax rate than their secretaries. That's not fair.


Gibson: But history shows that when you drop the capital-gains tax, the revenues go up.


Mr. Obama, if you raised revenues, isn't it possible you could use at least some of that money to fund some of your social program of the week, or to bail out the folks for whom the reduced capital gains tax is taking advantage of?

I just wish that Mr. Obama realized that struggling families like ours own stock too, and that a family of four making $100K/year in California is far from "rich". And that's not taking into account the medical bills.

As a matter of fact, we refi'ed our home less than a month before hubby lost his job and took money out to be reinvested in stocks because it seemed like stocks were better than real estate.

And we got an undocumented loan, and with the drop in real estate the amount of our current loan is pretty damn close to what we owe now.

But I promise you we will make whatever sacrifices we need to to prevent foreclosure if it ever comes to that.

And if they bail out the idiot mortgage companies who extended loans they should never have extended to people who didn't have the ability to pay, oh well.

If Mr. Obama is really interested in punishing the hedge fund crowd, he should be adamantly opposed to bailing out the mortgage companies, because it's the hedge fund folks who will win in that transaction.

Just what I've come to believe, those clowns don't, and apparently will never, represent me.

And my personal hero this week is Rep. Douglas Bruce.

Now I will get back to my other life struggles. I only wish I had more time to devote to AI, but I guess there's no sleep for the wicked.

Houston Bridges

Vote for whomever you want for whatever reason, Kathy. Obama's opinion about taxes is not what has this country in such a crisis. You should worry more about the trillion dollar bill for Bush's adventure in Iraq that John McCain thinks is a good way to commit American resources.

Are you that detached from reality, Kathy?

Right now I'd vote for a yellow dog if it were being run as a Democrat. The Republican Party, in complete control of all three branches of our government, have run run this country into the ground. But at least those damn homosexuals can't get married.

Sorry, Kathy, no pass on this one. If you're going to fall in line like a good little Republican, then take some responsibility for the mess this country is in.

Anybody would be better than George Bush, but Jesus fucking christ, let's go forward and not backwards. McCain? Dear sweet Jesus in heaven. The man's an absolute idiot, and a psychopath to boot.

Like paying $4 for a gallon of gasoline? Get used to it. The Republican Party had 7 years of total control of this country, and what did they do to get the country ready for this? What?

Seven years, Kathy, seven years. What did they do in those seven years? Is the world safer? Are we healthier? Are we happier? You dislike Barack Obama's answer to one question so much that you'd condemn this country to another four years of the same miserable shit?

I don't care if you vote for the same candidates or the same party that I choose, but for chrissake, hold the politicians you vote for accountable. Tell your legislator that holding down taxes is one thing, but educating the next generation of Californians has to be a priority. FIND A WAY! It's not just about not raising taxes. It's about solving problems. You are poorly served by your political party.

Am I better served by mine? Oh hell yes. I'd go on, but I'm late for a meeting.

It's not that I don't care who wins the Democratic nomination for President, but I cannot afford to worry about it too much. Another four years of Republicans in charge of our federal judiciary will be a disaster of tremendous proportions that will touch each of our lives. There is much at stake.


Wow good stuff, You really know what your talking about, I will be adding you to my news feed to come back and see what you have been adding to this wonderful write up :)

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