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I hope it doesn't come as a shock to you that all Republican's aren't religious bigots.

Just as there are some Democrats who don't hate Republicans just because of the label.

Precious few though...

Enjoy your celebration.

Houston Bridges

Absolutely, there are plenty of Republicans who are not bigots. Three of them on the Court joined with a Democrat and completely changed the tenor of the debate about same-sex marriage.

This was not a victory for some amorphous "Gay agenda." This was a victory for common sense and human dignity.

The opinion from the Court today is a testiment to moral courage. All four justices voting for equality are likely to be targeted by the zealots who hate so passionately. They could lose their jobs over this. Rose Bird comes to mind.

I do not think most Republicans are evil. I do think enough of them are evil so that anyone standing in that group shouldn't be surprised when some people can't tell them apart.

What has your party done for this country lately? And when do you, personally, intend to hold the ones you vote for accountable for their indifference to actually solving the challenges we face?

Honestly, I do not understand how you cannot be as enraged as I am by the conduct of Bush and the Republican Congress and Supreme Court. They've been in complete charge of the government for seven years now. How have they made your life better? Give me one thing that they have done that makes your life better?

These past seven years represent the most failed government in American history. That's quite an honor.

Cheers, sugah. Don't worry about me and you. I can tell the good guys from the bad guys.


I hope to live to see a world where bias and discrimination are blasted away. Think it'll happen?


I hope it lasts. As you say, don't underestimate the power of a few million small-minded sheep.

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