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A stalker? Seriously? Like, this guy has nothing better to do than try to bother you? Weird.

I mean, not that you aren't stalkable or anything. I just thought that sort of thing was reserved for celebrities and runaway wives.

Happy 5th of Tequila to you, too.

Boy Grows Up

Join the club. My partner and I are stalked by two guys named Rick and Ron. They are gay haters, and yet they leave behind no provable evidence for us to prove what is happening to us.

We are followed everywhere we go, and our house is surveilled. It is quite sick, and I am learning lots of gay people experience this "hidden" treatment, usually by people who get off on hating gays, but know they can't do it in the open.

Not quite like your scenario, but, hey, hate is hate. Can you imagine the vacuous lives of people who have nothing better to do?

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