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Nancy, aka Bookfool

Great name! I love it. :)


And, you can shorten it to It'll Do! My G&T isn't for another 20 minutes, but even without the aid, I love twirling It'll Do. ;D

Okay, so I'm off to read the HP&PF dream, but I would rather be lulled to sleep by a freeway than pacing b/c of the pig smell. You might want to rethink while you drink...


Well, I have to say I prefer the HPPF name but can understand why IDFTT is more practical. But if I found a book titled HPPF, I'd be sure to buy it as I'm always lured by a great title.

Houston Bridges

The book's going to be called Houston's Pig and Poodle Farm or How I Got to Where I Was Without Knowing I was Going There, but until we get there, I'm taking Maggie's suggestion as though it were an oracle: From now on the homestead is going to be called "It'll Do."


After two days of city traffic sounds I'm always ready to head back to the occasional tractor and crop duster sounds in the country. I like your Homestead Name.


I ordered SWISH for our college library and left a message on the post, but it said the comments were not allowed. That's why I'm here on this post. Anyhoo, let's see if it makes the cut?!? :D

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