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fragile industries

I'm going to post Dreher's link on all the commie lesbanian crypto-facist queer society-destroying blood-lust faggot sites and boards I belong to. Unlike Groucho, those are the groups that not only accept me, but to which I will belong.

The sad thing is that he likes the attention.

Harrison Brace

I cannot tell you how astounding Rod's post is. Rod and I were friends for decades. He and I *were part* of a very active bisexual/homosexual community in a small town. (A magnet boarding school in Natchitoches LA). On weekends we'd go to my parent's place in the quarter, spend weekends in the gay bars.

Sure, liberals can become conservatives, maybe Rod became straight. But it's a categorical *lie* to claim that he's shocked by bisexual teens.


Rod Dreher is a "cured" gay boy and a sanctimonious asshole. He was the same as the previous poster described when he was in Baton Rouge writing movie reviews that contained words like "schadenfreude". In this case one could use the word "blowhard" with only a few tons of irony.

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